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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
  Quantum Entangled Light Emitting Diode
Upon going over the technicalities of the program and progress thereof, it becomes apparent that there can be some problems here.

This is un-tappable. The governments power to wiretap would be effectively neutralized. This would dawn a new era of space explorations. Drive a rover in real-time on an alien planet. Send a probe out to exploit speed of light limitation for astronomical observations. Truely portable internet access anywhere, it'll be great.

A thing I could certainly see is a computer, off site, in a cave somewhere, quantumly link to keyboard, mouse, and monitor in your pocket. Bye, Bye cell phones. Unlimited range, no signal degradation, no middleman. Sounds great to me.

The only difficulties I can see are that:

1. They will have to come in matched sets. You would have to but a set, then send one to your ISP or 'data partner' if you will. Not really a problem for lets say a wireless printer cable, but if you decided to add another phone handset, it would be impossible to tap into another diode. You would always need Multiple "outlets" for possible future expansion on both ends. Manufactures might have a hard time in mass production in keeping pairs matching. Buy a few dozen and get them mixed up and you might be boned, by a few million and do that and your definitely boned.

2. Terrorists and 'false terrorists/privacy concerns' media spin. It seems like it would be possible to entagle multiple devices during production. While not initially, it would be certainly possible, eventually, to do a three way or more entanglement. While not sinister sounding at first, imagine you might think you have a private 2 way entanglement going on but in all actuality it might have an unknow partner that does nothing but listen. Will the gov force it to have one?

3. Response time. Just how fast could be the response time between activation and light finally moseying its way on out. Combine that with data integrity checks/data correction due to both quantum fluctuations and quantum uncertainty and I would belief the actual transfer rates far slower than lets say a fiber-optic line. One diode at a 50K while revolutionary, would require a completely different strategy than a end-all be for all thing communication.

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