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Monday, November 14, 2005
  Invading Iraq article a good read
A very well thought out piece. I would almost suspect this guy of being a prefessional. I wish the real news was this informative. Maybe they should put him on instead of MMalkin at fox. I saw that. Bumbling and stumbling her way through.

"The Kurds had prospered under the umbrella of the northern "no fly" zone. If the sanctions against Iraq had ended and we had stopped enforcing the northern "no fly" zone, the Kurds would then have been crushed, in a repeat of the 1991 slaughter inflicted on the southern Shiites. [This is a crucial point that is insufficiently recognized on both sides. Containment in its post Gulf War form was collapsing, in no small part because Saddam was campaigning for an end to sanctions and the no-fly zones, from which the French had withdrawn in 1996. Without the active containment regime, itself essentially a war on Iraq, the Kurds would have been helpless.]"

It was clear that the UNSC would never actually grant permission for armed invasion. By going to the UN in September, it had become abundantly clear by October that the UN wasn't going to cooperate, so Congress defeated all attempts to include a requirement for UNSC approval in its authorization. (In the Democrat-controlled Senate, those attempts were defeated by a filibuster-proof majority.) [The Democrats seem to have actively forgotten this point as the war has become toxic to their base.]"
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