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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
  The Parents Television Council decide what you watch on tv
In an effort to warp reality into their view of it,it has been released that the Parents Television Council(PTC) filed 23,542 of the 23,547 complaints the FCC received in July, mostly against the same two programs, including "The Inside" on Fox.

The one orginization in effect has made complaining to the FCC worthless. 5 total legitimate complaints would be an error rate of about 99.975%. I belive this is the cause of many on the leberal lefts woes. Loud and crazy ranting don't make more people belive you. Just cause you can hire an army of support doesn't make it right. How'd you like to have their Xerox lease contract?

The only people outraged appear to be the ones who raise money by telling their donors how outraged they are at network television. The donors, I'm guessing, don't watch the shows that PTC complains about.

Indecency and obscenity complaints against broadcast TV and radio had dropped from 157,016 in first quarter 2005 to 6,161 in the second quarter, when the PTC filed no complaints.
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