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Monday, November 28, 2005
  Slaves still in America today
A Saudi woman accused of keeping an Indonesian nanny as a virtual slave in her Aurora home was ordered Tuesday to post $5,000 bail for violating a restraining order that forbade her from contacting the alleged victim. Prosecutors have said Sarah Khonaizan, 36, made contact with the nanny in October.

She ordered Khonaizan, whose face was concealed by a niqaab, or a Muslim face veil, to post bail upon leaving the courtroom or face immediate arrest.

Both Khonaizan and her husband, 37-year-old Homaidan Al-Turki, are accused of bringing the woman to the United States as their hired nanny and keeping her as a virtual prisoner in their home for several years.

Prosecutors say the couple underpaid the nanny and prevented her from returning to her homeland by withholding her passport.

Al-Turki faces additional state charges of sexually assaulting the nanny.

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