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Friday, November 11, 2005
  Venezuela's Chavez Calls Mexican President U.S.'s 'dog' for Supporting Free Trade Zone
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called his Mexican counterpart a "puppy" that bowed to the United States for supporting a Washington-backed free trade zone at the Summit of the Americas. The rhetoric echoed anti-war critics' denounciation of British Prime Minister Tony Blair as "Bush's poodle" for supporting the U.S.-based coalition that attacked Iraq.

The Venezuelan leader has proposed a "Bolivarian Alternative" trade pact based on socialist dogma and autocratic principles. He then boasted that Fox left the summit "bleeding from his injuries."

Fox accused Argentine President Kirchner of neglecting his responsibility as summit host to seek consensus on restarting the trade talks, to which Kirchner responded telling Fox to mind his own business. Fox called for the 29 of 34 nations to continue negotiations without the dissenters.
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