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Tuesday, December 20, 2005
  Democrats Don't Know What Democracy Means
In what is incredably similar to something I posted earlier, the Democratic Underground polleds DUers on the following question: "Are we becoming fascist?" The answeres received are a true telling of the ignorance of people.

80% Think they we live in a fascist state. 96% belive we either there or close to it. That means 19 out of 20 people taking that poll either don't understand what the word fascism means or, on the other hand, they do understand what it means and are so completely out of touch with reality that they actually can't see any significant differences between the United States and let's say WW2 Italy or Germany.

Maybe they should actually look up the word facists and try to incorperate election theory into it. Maybe you should also define dictator and work into how the electoral college fits into absolutist or autocratic ruler who governs outside the rule of law. And they say the education system in America isn't failing.
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