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Friday, December 30, 2005
  Mass Media Hype Machine
I realize we’re currently riding out the latest media- and Democrat-driven frenzy, but let’s let the story play out as it may. Electronic surveillance without judicial warrants of international communications with suspected terrorists, the polls are pointing to approval, the past points to approval. But honestly, how much are you scraping the story barrel to come up with the following headline?
U.S. secret surveillance up sharply since Sept. 11

Well, I should freakin’ hope so! Surveillance, both covert and overt, should be sharply the hell up since Islamist terror was brought to our shores! We slept too long, snug in the comfort of the ’90s while the radical Islamist bared their fangs and drew American blood. It is this headline that leads me to believe that the surveillance issue will fizzle and possibly backfire in the 2006 Congressional elections for the Dems, as the Captain shows us some centrist Democrats already fear.
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