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Wednesday, December 07, 2005
  To highlight European supiorority, German's offer man-free banking
In the aim to show the world how advanced and in touch with the future Europeans are, A bank for women only is being launched in Germany. I assume this is to highlight divide and conquer or that the master race is now the master sex.

Frauenbank, in Munich, has been set up, to begin with, as a financial advisory service on everything from investments to retirement plans for women.

Support for her idea is growing. Her Munich branch has 300 customers so far.

Next year she plans to open further branches in three other German cities, and by 2007 hopes to be able to offer credit for the first time.

Nice to see segragation is spreading. Those Europeans really know how to alienate and separate to ensure no-one shares a common culture, the true ideal of multi-culturism.
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