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Monday, January 02, 2006
  And Women Want To Pull Over And Ask Directions
A lone woman driver who got lost on a motorway was fined £30 for stopping on the hard shoulder to ask a traffic cop directions.

Rachael Farthing was driving at night when she became confused by road signs and decided to pull over next to a parked police car and seek advice.

But she was amazed when the officer demanded her licence and then booked her. After issuing her with a £30 fixed penalty notice, he gave her directions and sent the mum-of-one on her way.

The police have defended the cop's actions, saying it is illegal to stop on the hard shoulder except in an emergency.

But the RAC slammed the decision to fine Rachael.

A spokesman said: "The action taken by police was over the top and unnecessary. It would have been fairer to give her a firm warning."
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