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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
  Blogger criticizes Blogs For Being Different, Connecting To Party
The National Journal's Daniel Glover is supposedly a big fan of blogs and is the author of the Journal's "Beltway Blogroll" column; blogs are his thing. Yesterday he devoted his column to the bloggers' coverage of the Alito hearings: "The courtship of the blogosphere."

Writing as a friendly critic, Glover criticizes the bloggers' coverage of the hearings. One of Glover's criticisms was our hosts' decision not to invite any 'good' left-wing bloggers to the conservative shin-dig. Powerlineblog asked him to elaborate a bit on the criticism he intimates in his column, and he kindly responded:
Too many of the bloggers, however, seemed to be just parroting what the officials said, without much thought as to whether those thoughts were "blog-worthy." Had those bloggers not been in Washington but watched the officials on C-Span, I am convinced that they would have been more selective about what they wrote. That's really where I was coming from in my piece: The bloggers behaved differently than usual -- at least differently than I've seen in the past -- and I think that's because the [Republican National Committee/Senate Republican Conference] made them feel special.

I have the benefit of having talked to officials in both parties who have been quite honest about how they see blogs as a tool for "reaching the base." They GOP in particular sees blogs as the next talk radio. Good for them, and more power to them in trying to achieve their goals. But despite the partisan leanings of blogs on both sides of the political spectrum (which don't bother me in the least), I see so much more potential for them than that. I absolutely do not want to see blogs develop the same weaknesses as the MSM, and that very well could happen if they let themselves be wooed by the establishment.

I will say that as much as 'objective' reporters might have loved the kind of access you all had last week, I doubt that many, if any, of them would have accepted an invitation to such a forum, precisely for the reason Steve Outing gave. These kinds of events need to be opened to a broader array of bloggers.

I'm not saying Kos or some of the over-the-top bloggers should be invited because they would just make a scene. But why not Josh Marshall or Jeralyn Merritt at TalkLeft? Or someone like Henry Farrell at Crooked Timber? Or the Bull Moose (Marshall Wittmann) or New Donkey (Ed Kilgore). There are some good bloggers out there who do not agree with the GOP but who I think have earned the right to be invited to cover such events.

And the best thing is how the bloggers on both sides would benefit from the experience. People can learn a lot from spending time with those who challenge their thinking. That's true for bloggers as much as journalists.

Are you kidding me, apparently he doesn't understand blogworthy-ness. And imagine, "parroting" what officials is not preferred to parroting C-Span. No, we shouldn't look up and compare and use resources, we should just stare at the 'boob tube." Take anything an 'expert' assures as fact, be good little sheep. And besides, everyone knows bloggers live by the cut & paste'.

The political party "made them feel special." Isn't that the basis of a grass roots connection? Does he expect us to remain neutral while democrats run our country into the ground? Invite said ruin-makers to be part of our inner circle? It might be true that "bloggers on both sides would benefit from the experience" but I'm doubting the likes of "Bush blew up the levee" and "Do we want a judge who would marry such a weak-willed b*tch?" as part of any party activities much less education? Moonbats aren't know for their ability to learn.

It most interesting that when democrats get their based energized its normal, but a conservative energized base is some kind of Klan meeting than needs liberal slant to validate it's existance. Its our party and we'll invite who we want to, invite who we want to, invite who we want to, you would cry to if happened to you.
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