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Tuesday, February 21, 2006
  American Taxpayers Funding Chinese Arbortions
Congress is preparing to vote on an amendement that would restore U.S. funding for a United Nations agency accused of subsidizing communist China's coercive population control program.

The United Nations Population Fund's activities assist government efforts to force married couples to have only one or two children at most, according to an investigation by the Population Research Institute in 2001 and determinations by the U.S. State Department in 2002 and 2004. Penalties for breaking the law include heavy fines, loss of employment and other sanctions.

China maintains, at least in some areas of the country, a one-child policy sometimes enforced through a policy of forced abortions. It is believed China performs some 10 million involuntary abortions a year.

"If UNFPA wants U.S. funding, it must cease aiding human rights abuses in China," said Steve Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, or PRI.

Mosher said the UNFPA subsidizes a "despicable" program of forced contraception, abortion and sterilization that should reform or be abolished, not rewarded.

"So-called pro-choice leaders are revealed for the frauds that they are when they support money for this United Nations agency," he said.

Currently, a provision of U.S. law called the Kemp-Kasten Amendment directs the federal government to withhold funding from international organizations that assist coercion in population control programs.

As reported last July, the Bush administration withheld a $34 million payment from the UNFPA to China over the issue of forced abortions.

But Congress members who support abortion rights are about to offer an amendment to the State, Justice, Commerce appropriations bill to restore funding for UNFPA.

In a 2004 letter, then-Secretary of State Colin Powell said he "determined that UNFPA's support of, and involvement in, China's population-planning activities allowed the Chinese government to implement more effectively its program of coercive abortion ... ."

As in 2002, Powell wrote, "UNFPA continues its support and involvement in China's coercive birth limitation program in counties where China's restrictive law and penalties are enforced by government officials."

Mosher noted that UNFPA officials praised China's coercive population control program as recently as 2001.

PRI sent an investigative team to China's Guangdong province in 2001 and discovered that in Sihui County, the UNFPA population control officer's desk was located in the Chinese government's population control office.

UNFPA claimed that Sihui County was free of coercive population control measures, but PRI said it spoke to victims and witnesses who confirmed the presence of coercion in Sihui County, included forced abortion and sterilization.
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