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Thursday, February 09, 2006
  Colorado Representative Says US Facing War With 'Renegade' Mexican Troops
Colorado Republican Representative Tom Tancredo said the United States was facing "a war" with renegade Mexican troops over the long, porous border, and urged President George W. Bush to deploy troops there, alleging drug trafficking by the Mexican military.

"We have a war. We are facing a military on the other side of the border," Tancredo told demonstrators protesting illegal immigration outside the US Congress.

"In other places, in other times, that would be an active war," he added, reiterating an accusation that Mexican troops had covered up a drug trafficking operation two weeks ago near the Texas border city of El Paso.

The Mexican government has denied that Mexican troops participated in the January 23 incident.

But Tancredo insisted that Mexican troops were a part of it and repeated his call for Bush to send troops into the border area. "I want my government to protect our borders," he said.

"The Mexican military is facilitating the drug trafficking. They are part of the drug cartels," Tancredo said.

"They (officials) do not want to say the obvious -- that the Mexican government does not even have control of its own military," he said.
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